base64 decode php utf8

Is there any way to decode this string??

Actual string : 其他語言測試 – testing

base64 encode while sending on mail as subject as


<?php echo base64_decode(“GyRCQjZCPjhsOEBCLDtuGyhCIC0gdGVzdGluZw==”); ?>

This is base 64 encode, I couldn”t decode it to actual Chinese string.Since it has been encoded using “iso-2022-jp”, I have also tried online site to decode this string, but I couldn”t find the original string, how can I do that?

Đang xem: Base64 decode php utf8

php base64
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asked Sep 17 “13 at 5:42
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Have you tried mb_convert_encoding? mb_convert_encoding(base64_decode($str)); – Steven Liao Sep 17 “13 at 5:46
This is my result: 5YW25LuW6Kqe6KiA5ris6KmmIC0gdGVzdGluZw== and while I decoded I get 其他語言測試 – testing but when tested yours I can't see original text – Jason OOO Sep 17 “13 at 5:47
Steven Liao i tried the following result: ??-?x – thuk Sep 17 “13 at 5:52
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Use iconv():

<?php $input = base64_decode(“GyRCQjZCPjhsOEBCLDtuGyhCIC0gdGVzdGluZw==”);//$BB6B>8l8
B,;n(B – testing $input_encoding = “iso-2022-jp”; echo iconv($input_encoding, “UTF-8”, $input); //其他語言測試 – testing ?>
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answered Sep 17 “13 at 5:52
Jason OOOJason OOO
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is there a way to find the what is encoding format by giving this string as input ; – thuk Sep 17 “13 at 5:59
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What you are looking at is MIME header encoding. It can be decoded by mb_decode_mimeheader(), and generated by mb_encode_mimeheader(). For example:

<?php mb_internal_encoding(“utf-8”); $subj = “=?iso-2022-jp?B?GyRCQjZCPjhsOEBCLDtuGyhCIC0gdGVzdGluZw==?=”; print mb_decode_mimeheader($subj); ?> 其他語言測試 – testing

(The call to mb_internal_encoding() is necessary here because the contents of the subject line can”t be represented in the default internal encoding of ISO8859-1.)

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duskwuff -inactive-duskwuff -inactive-
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Try encoding the string to UTF-8 first and then encode it to base 64. Same when decoding, decode the string from base64 and then from UTF-8. This is working for me:

php > $base = “其他語言測試 – testing”; php > $encoded = base64_encode(utf8_encode($base)); php > $decoded = utf8_decode(base64_decode($encoded)); php > echo ($decoded === $base) . ”
“; 1
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answered Sep 17 “13 at 5:48
Daniel PerezDaniel Perez
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i am not converting it, when i send mail using outlook and subject to chineses character, when i read the stream i am getting like this, so how to decode it, that is present in iso-2022-jp format? – thuk Sep 17 “13 at 5:54
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