Jquery Datatables : Searching And Filtering With Ajax Pagination Jquery Plugin

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Performant Data Table Plugin With jQuery – dgtable

A performant, customizable, dynamic data table jQuery plugin for presenting large data set in a sortable, filterable, scrollable, and draggable table view.

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Excel-like CRUD Data Grid Library – Handsontable

handsontable is a powerful, flexible, feature-rich, Excel-like CRUD data grid/table library for JavaScript, Angular, React, and Vue.js.



Lightweight Dynamic Data Table Plugin For Bootstrap – jQuery Raytable

Raytable is a lightweight yet feature-rich jQuery data table / data grid plugin styling with the popular Bootstrap framework.



Feature-rich Data Table Plugin For Bootstrap 5/4/3/2

Bootstrap Table is a responsive, dynamic, extendable, multifunctional, and highly-customizable jQuery data table plugin for Bootstrap 4, Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 2.



Dynamic Spreadsheet-like Data Grid – jExcel

jExcel is a powerful jQuery plugin which lets you dynamically generate a spreadsheet like data grid (table) from local JS data or even an external CSV file.



Easy Data Table Generator with jQuery and JSON – Tabulator

Tabulator is a feature-rich jQuery plugin used for generating simple or complex data tables from any JSON data.



Full-featued CRUD Data Grid Component – tui.grid

tui.grid is a robust data grid component helps you dynamically render larger data in a performant, feature-rich data grid in a minute.



Paginate, Filter, And Sort Dynamic Data In A Table – Table Sortable

The Table Sortable jQuery plugin helps you render a customizable dynamic data table from JSON or JavaScript objects, with paginate, live filter, and data sort capabilities.



Dynamic CRUD Data Grid Library – appendGrid

appendGrid is a powerful jQuery table plugin that turns the standard html table into adynamic and editable data grid. You can add, remove, edit, move up, move down records

jQuery Plugin To Duplicate & Resort Table Rows – Dynamicrows

Dynamicrows is a small jQuery plugin that makes it possible to clone and remove any element (e.g. form fields) in a table row with just one click.

Easy Dynamic HTML Table Manipulation Plugin – jQuery OliverEditTable

An easy HTML table manipulation plugin for dynamically generating an editable, cloneable HTML table from an array of objects containing tabular data.



Powerful jQuery Table Manipulation Plugin – DataTables

DataTables is a very powerful Jquery Table Plugin for better table manipulation.

Sortable/Editable Table Generator Plugin – jQuery ediTable

ediTable is a lightweight (9kb) jQuery CRUD Table plugin which dynamically renders editable and sortable data tables from plain HTML and/or JSON data.

Full-featured Dynamic Data Table Plugin – Folium

Folium is a jQuery data table plugin for creating spreadsheet-like CRUD data grids with sorting, filtering, pagination, and custom cell rendering support.

Excel-like Interactive Table With Keyboard Navigation – Tablenav

tablenav is a very small jQuery plugin for creating spreadsheet-like data table with input fields and keyboard navigation support just like the Microsoft Excel.

10 Best Data Table/Grid Systems In JavaScript

10 best jQuery & Vanilla JavaScript plugin to generate flexible, dynamic data tables (data grids) on the web applications.

Spreadsheet-like Data Grid With Cell Editing – rsLiteGrid

rsLiteGrid is a simple, dynamic, editable data table plugin where the users are able to edit/save cell content just like in a spreadsheet.

Dynamically Add/Remove Table Rows Using jQuery – rowfy

rowfy is a jQuery plugin that creates a new column containing Add/Subtract buttons in the html table. Your users are able to dynamically duplicate/remove table rows by clicking the +/- buttons.

AJAX Based CRUD Table Plugin For jQuery – jtable

jtable is a jQuery plugin that automatically creates HTML table and loads records from server using AJAX.

Navigate Between Table Cells Using Arrow Keys – Arrow Table

Arrow Table is a jQuery plugin for editable tables that enable the user to navigate between table cells containing input fields (or any other trigger elements) using arrow keys.

Spreadsheet-style Data Table Plugin For jQuery – Dynamic Table

A dynamic, AJAX-driven, Spreadsheet-style data table plugin with jQuery that features filtering, sorting, cell editing, performant scrolling and more.

Dynamic CRUD Data Grid Plugin With jQuery – Quickgrid

A powerful jQuery data grid plugin which dynamically parses and presents your JSON data (or JS arrays/objects) in a filterable, editable, sortable and paginatable CRUD data table.

Feature-rich Dynamic Data Grid Plugin – editable-grid

editable-grid is a jQuery plugin used to dynamically render a complex, multi-functional, CRUD data grid using Bootstrap”s table component.

Excel-Like jQuery Data Table Plugin – xTab

xTab is a jQuery plugin extends the standard Html table to make it behave like a Microsoft Office Excel-like spreadsheet.

Excel Style Editable Table Plugin With jQuery – Excel Table

Excel Table is a jQuery plugin which converts a standard HTML table into an Excel-style spreadsheet with support for edit, paste, undo, drag-to-copy, etc.

Powerful Data Grid Plugin For Bootstrap – jQuery Bootgrid

Bootgrid is a lightweight yet flexible, powerful jQuery plugin used to render a dynamic, AJAX enabled, highly customizable data grid for Bootstrap pages.

Versatile Data Table jQuery Plugin For Bootstrap – bsTable

bsTable is a jQuery plugin for handling tabular data that enables you to create Bootstrap-styled searchable/filterable/sortable/downloadable data tables with ease.

Easy Inline Editor For HTML Tables – jQuery fullTable

fullTable is jQuery plugin that lets you create a dynamic CRUD (create, read, update, delete) table with sorting, filtering, input validation and client side value processing.

Dynamic Data Grid Plugin For Bootstrap – jQuery bbGrid

bbGrid is a jQuery plugin for Bootstrap that lets you render dynamic data grids from JSON data, with support for pagination, searching, filtering and collapsing/expanding.

Ajax-enabled Dynamic Data Table Plugin – jQuery zoiaTable

zoiaTable is a jQuery plugin for rending a dynamic AJAX data table with support for pagination, sorting, filtering and client/server side value processing.

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Flexible Data Table Plugin With jQuery And PHP – OpenDataTable

OpenDataTable is a jQuery plugin used to render flexible, dynamic, sortable, searchable, pagintable, editable data tables from PHP & MySQL data sources.

Enable CRUD Operations Inside HTML Table – jQuery dynamicTable

A lightweight jQuery CRUD data table plugin which allows the user to add/remove/edit/export tabular data in a dynamic HTML table.

Lightweight Dynamic Data Table Plugin For jQuery – dataTable.js

A lightweight, easy-to-use jQuery plugin for generating a dynamic data table with support for pagination, filtering, ajax loading, live editing and more.

Pivot Table Generator With jQuery And JSON Data – createTableJSON

createTableJSON is a jQuery plugin that enables you to dynamically render complex pivot tables from local or external JSON data.

Spreadsheet-like Tabular Data Manipulation Plugin – Tabular Input

Tabular Input is a jQuery plugin that generates a Spreadsheet-like data table / grid with specific number of rows/columns and input fields.

Flat AJAX/JSON Table Plugin With jQuery – Table Populator

Table Populator is a dynamic table plugin for rendering a flat style data table with pagination, filtering and sorting using remote data via AJAX request.

Minimal Paginatable Data Grid Plugin For jQuery – H Grid

H Grid is a really small (~3kb minified) jQuery plugin used to render a high-performance data grid from any JSON / JS data, with custom pagination support.

JSON API Driven CRUD Data Table Plugin With jQuery – Cruddy

Cruddy is a jQuery & Bootstrap plugin used to assist with JSON API driven CRUD tasks.

Feature-rich Responsive Data Grid Plugin With jQuery – Grid.js

Grid.js is a customizable jQuery data grid plugin that features inline editing, AJAX loading, responsive design, paging, sorting, top toolbar and collapsible grid rows.

Dynamic Table Operation Plugin With jQuery – Tabullet

Tabullet is a simple, lightweight jQuery plugin which provides basic table operations (add / delete / edit rows) on your html table.

Minimal Dynamic Data Table Plugin For jQuery – Smart Table

Smart Table is an ultra-light jQuery data table plugin for presenting tabular data with built-in sorting, pagination and filtering options.

Simple Flexible jQuery Data Table Plugin – datagrid.js

datagrid.js is a simple, extendable and Bootstrap-compatible jQuery data table plugin which helps you render dynamic data grids with pagination, filtering and sorting.

jQuery Plugin For Bootstrap Based Data Table – Bootstrap Data Table

A small yet robust jQuery plugin to make a dynamic Bootstrap data table with support for filtering, pagination and sorting.

Easy jQuery Table Manipulation Plugin – table.js

A jQuery data table plugin for table data manipulation that features inline editing, keyboard navigation, data serialization, data formatting and much more.

Simple jQuery Editable Table Plugin For Semantic UI

A jQuery based table plugin that uses Semantic UI to create a nice looking editable data table on your web application.

jQuery Plugin To Convert CSV File Into Data Table

A JavaScript library that uses jQuery CSV to parse your CSV file and convert data into a searchable, filterable, sortable data table based on jQuery datatables plugin.

jQuery Plugin For Generating Google Charts From Tables – Chartinator

Chartinator is a jQuery data visualization plugin that makes use of Google Charts to render a variety of charts from existing table content.

jQuery Plugin To Convert JSON Data Into Html Tables – MounTable

MounTable is a lighweight jQuery plugin which automatically converts user provided JSON objects into an editable Html table / spreadsheet for further use.

jQuery Plugin To Generate Google Charts From Tables – gvChart

gvChart is a minimal yet accessibility jQuery plugin that renders interactive Google charts from existing data tables to visualize data on your website.

jQuery Plugin To Generate A Table From A CSV File – CSV Parser

CSV Parser is a minimal jQuery based CSV reader that generates a data table from a CSV file on your web page.

jQuery Editable Data Table with Custom Fields

Custom Fields is a jQuery & Bootstrap based data table which allows you to add, edit or delete custom fields with ease.

Tiny jQuery Plugin For Creating An Editable Table – editTable

A basic jQuery implementation of editable table that help you edit your individual table cells in place.



Simple Data Grid/Table Plugin with jQuery and Bootstrap

A simple jQuery plugin to creates a nice looking data grid/table from an ajax data source (JSON Data), built upon of jQuery, jQuery UI and Bootstrap3.



Stylish Editable Table Plugin with jQuery and Bootstrap 2/3 – Editable Table

Editable Table is a table manipulation plugin that turns a standard Html table into a responsive in-place editable spreadsheet with input validation based on jQuery and bootstrap 2/3.

jQuery Plugin To Convert JSON Data Into Data Grid – Columns

Columns is a powerful & ajax-enabled jQuery plugin that converts JSON data into a filterable, searchable and paginated data grid.

Windows 8 Style jQuery Data Table Decorator – Metreaux Tables

Metreaux Tables is a jQuery plugin to create nice, clean, themeable, andmodern Windows 8 UI Style data tables with the power of DataTables jQuery javascript library.

jQuery Plugin For Data Table Filting and Selecting – checkit

checkit is a jQuery plugin for advanced data filtering and selecting tool to improve the manipulation experience of the data table with huge data.

Style and Manipulate Data Tables – tablecloth

tablecloth is a jQuery Plugin that enables to style and manipulate data tables using CSS and JS bootstrap.

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