Migrate From Using A Facebook Profile To A Page On Facebook, Migrate From Using A Facebook Profile To A Page


Facebook has very specific terms of service regarding how businesses interact on their platform. For instance, it’s required that businesses who want a presence on Facebook create a Facebook fan page (also called a business page). Unfortunately, not all businesses are aware of this rule and may have inadvertently created a Facebook profile for their business instead. To solve this problem, Facebook has created a new Profile to Business Page Migration Tool allows businesses to change their Facebook profile into a Facebook business page.

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In general, once you’ve established a community around a specific profile, it’s difficult to move that community to a new page. Move them you must, though. Before the migration tool, you’d need to write several status updates asking your community to click over to the new page and Like it in order to continue to receive updates. You had to tell your community that the current profile would be deleted by a certain date and continue to remind them to click over and Like the new page. It was tedious for everyone involved and you invariably lost some of your community because they either didn’t see your updates or didn’t get around to Liking the new page. With the new Facebook Profile to Business Page Migration Tool you can avoid that hassle.

When you use the tool, Facebook takes your profile picture and moves it to a new business page and converts your “friends” into “Likes” on the new page. It’s important to note that Facebook doesn’t move any of your existing content (including status updates, photos, video, etc.) to the new page. If you don’t back that up before you migrate, you’ll lose it. To back up your information follow these instructions:

Go to your Account Settings (the down arrow in the top right of any Facebook page).Click the Download a Copy link.Click the Download button on the next page.

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After you’ve made a backup of your content, you can start the migration process by visiting https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php?migrate and following the instructions.

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A few reasons to migrate your business presence from a personal profile to a business page:

It’s against Facebook TOS to have a personal profile for a business, service, or product.Profiles are limited to 5,000 friends; business pages can have unlimited fans.Profiles require someone to request a friendship; pages can be Liked by anyone. That means less hassle for you because you don’t have to approve every fan.

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